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Marijuana Dependence

Marijuana is one of the most commonly used of the many psychotropic substances known to man. While it is available in powder or liquid form, the most familiar version of the drug is the gray-green mixture dried leaf and flower parts of the cannabis sativa plant. Typically known as hemp, the plant grows in the wild, a fact that explains common street terms for the drug such as weed, herb and grass.

Marijuana has been in use over the ages for its mind-altering effects. Marijuana dependence is often the result of such use. This can become a psychologically debilitating condition. However, it can be treated with Daytona Beach drug rehab. Call (386) 682-2218 today.

What Is Marijuana Dependence?

THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive substance found in the flowers and buds of the hemp plant, is the primary ingredient responsible for marijuana dependence and the drug’s high. The overall effect of the drug, though, comes about through the presence of hundreds of other related chemicals found in the leaves of the plant. They are known as cannabinoids.

Using marijuana produces a pleasant high, a feeling brought about by the drug’s action on the brain’s reward center and endocannabinoid system. As with other drugs, chemically inducing the brain’s reward center necessarily comes with habit-forming effects; this owes to the fact that the reward center is also responsible for the formation of permanent habit.

Marijuana use doesn’t automatically lead to dependence, though. Nine out of ten of all users are not trapped by the drug’s addictive effects. Addiction does occur in one in ten, though, a risk level that goes up with frequent use. More than 1 percent of the population, at this time, struggles with marijuana addiction.

Signs Of Marijuana Abuse and Addiction

The psychotropic chemicals in marijuana make their presence felt as soon as they enter the system. They cause the airways to dilate, and the heart rate to rise greatly to about 120 bpm.

Marijuana also lowers the capacity of blood to carry oxygen; together with raised heart rate and blood pressure, this effect of marijuana on the cardiovascular system can be extremely dangerous; the risk of cardiac arrest rises fivefold for as long as marijuana stays in the system. Marijuana use, for this reason, is a risky proposition, whether medically mandated or not.

Getting Help

Drug rehab in Daytona Beach can help you overcome your marijuana dependence. Group meetings like Narcotics Anonymous ( will let you share experiences with fellow and recovering addicts.

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